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$1.54 Million – Escaped Horses Cause Auto Accident.

A young woman was injured when her car struck a group of horses. The horses lived on a nearby Will County farm, but the Defendant owner of the farm failed to properly secure a gate that confined the horses. Because the gate was not closed and secured properly, the horses escaped, ran into the road and hit the Plaintiff’s car.

$2.9 Million Verdict –Birth Injury Verdict

Attorneys Daniel E. O’Brien and Timothy M. Richardson: A Cook County jury awarded parents a $2.9 million verdict following the intrauterine death of their baby girl. The Defendant nurses failed to alert a doctor even though the mother showed signs and symptoms of a uterine rupture while in the hospital. The mother’s condition progressively worsened for eight hours, but the nurses did not take action and did not check the mother’s vital signs for three of those hours. When the nurses finally alerted a doctor, the doctor initiated an emergency c-section within five minutes, but found the mother’s uterus had ruptured and the baby girl had passed away.

$1.3 Million Settlement – Trucking Settlement

The Plaintiff, a 52 year old electrician, was injured when a tractor-trailer swerved into his lane of traffic to avoid another car. Surveillance video recovered from a nearby store after the accident showed that the tractor-trailer was cut off by a car making a right hand turn on a red light. However, attorneys Bart Galvin, Tim Richardson and Paul Salzetta were able to show that the truck driver was not paying attention and violated numerous trucking safety standards. Had the truck driver been paying attention and obeying proper procedure, the truck could have stayed in its lane and avoided a collision. Instead, it swerved into the Plaintiff’s lane and pushed the Plaintiff’s van into a head on collision with another car. Initially, the Plaintiff only suffered a small heel fracture, his altered gait from the heel fracture eventually resulted in ligament injuries in both of his ankles.

$500,000 Settlement - Workplace Injury Settlement

A 66 year old woman suffered a fractured knee cap and fractured arm when she tripped over wires at the nursing home where she worked. The Defendants’ employees were installing the wires in a hallway of the nursing home at the time of the incident. They failed demarcate and isolate their work zone and also failed to keep their work orderly. Due to the wires being strewn on the hallway floor, the Plaintiff was injured while doing her job.

$11 Million Settlement - Birth Injury Settlement

Attorneys Timothy Richardson and Paul Salzetta: In November of 2003, 38 week old baby girl was born at Chicago area hospital with neonatal depression (Apgars of 3 and 5). No arterial cord gas was obtained. Plaintiff alleged the labor and delivery team negligently monitored the fetal heart tracings, failed to properly interpret the fetal heart tracings and improperly continued with the administration of Pitocin in the presence of non reassuring tracings and uterine hyperstimulation.

$950,000.00 Settlement Amount

Plaintiff, was contracted by defendant, a sole proprietor, to perform window washing work on the Rosemont Convention Center. Defendant had a monthly contract to clean the convention center windows but hired plaintiff for a cash payment to do the work. The cherry picker that defendant provided to plaintiff to wash windows at elevated heights was 47 years old and had not been properly inspected and maintained. One of the anchor pins that connected the elevating tower to the mount of the truck bed was malaligned and as result the tower collapsed while plaintiff was working at about 45 feet.

$3.25 Million Settlement - Nursing Home Neglect Settlement

(Cook County) Attorneys Timothy Richardson and Paul Salzetta: Disabled F-57 was recovering at deft nursing facility in a northern suburb following knee surgery. On 9/24/12, she fell out of bed and suffered wound dehiscence and a patellar tendon rupture which required three repair surgeries. She developed an infection and eventually needed an above the knee amputation. Defendent argued that plaintff did not follow orders to stay in bed and that plaintiff’s underlying condition would have necessitated supervisory life care planning even if the injury had not occurred. Paid by confidential nursing home.

$1.85 Million Settlement - Trucking Settlement

(Cook County) Attorneys Timothy Richardson and John F. Winters, Jr. August 6, 2012 an IDOT mowing tractor operated by plft M-51 was rear ended at 50 mph in a marked mowing zone on northbound Route 12 (Wauconda) by a Major Transport tractor-trailer. Pltf was ejected and sustained a Grade 3 left acromicoclavicular joint separation, a torn left rotator cuff, an abdominal linea alba tear, and two broken ribs (three shoulder surgeries done--$340,049 medl. Expense; $248,519 past LT; future LT claim contested) Allegedly, Major Transport was an agent and/or joint venture of Lurvey Farms LLP and American Green, which defts denied. Nationwide Mutual paid $988,574 for Major Transport ($1 million policy with a declining limit for paid property damage). Rural Mutual and West Bend Mutual each contributed $430,713 for Lurvey Farms and American Green respectively. A $340,000 comp lien waiver was also secured.

$1.5 Million Settlement - Hospital Fall

(Cook County) Attorney Timothy Richardson: Defendent’s nursing staff allegedly failed to assess F-80 as a significant fall risk after she underwent cardiac catheterization in November of 2008. As a result, she suffered an unwitnessed bathroom fall that caused an occipital skull fracture with intracerebral brain bleed—which was not immediately diagnosed—and resulted in disabling brain damage. She died in 2012. Defense contended the pt was alert and oriented before the fall, and had been told not to get out of bed without help. Paid by Chrpp for Swedish Covenant Hospital.

$3.25 Million Settlement - Automobile Settlement

(Cook County) Attorneys Timothy M. Richardson and Paul Salzetta. A female in her mid-fifties was driving on an Interstate expressway when she was rear ended by defendent. She died from her injuries, with no evidence of survival on impact. She is survived by 2 adult children. Paid by undisclosed deft.

$1.4 Million Settlement - Construction Settlement

(Will County) Attorney Timothy Richardson. April 2, 2007 M-30 ironworker sustained multiple lumbar disc injuries (herniation at L3-4, re-herniation at L4-5 with retrolisthesis requiring three level fusion surgery) while lifting a 132 pound beam during construction of a new high school in Wilmington. He incurred $367,816 medl. Expense and claimed $2,057,690 LT (unable to resume ironwork). Allegedly, defendent construction manager failed to provide a crane and removed a co-worker from the assignment at issue. Paid by Arch Insurance for both defts. A $674,482 workers’ compensation lien was also waived.

$1.9 Million Settlement - Trucking Settlement

Attorney Timothy Richardson: Defendant’s semi tractor trailer rear ended plaintiff’s vehicle on northbound I294 near its exit with I88 resulting in death of 35 year old male. There were issues of whether plaintiff’s vehicle had cut in front of semi tractor trailer due to another vehicle cutting over 3 lanes of traffic for the I88 exit.

$2 Million Settlement - Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Settlement

Lawsuit charged that between July 2000 and May 2001, F-11, a non verbal mentally disabled resident of deft long-term skilled nursing home for children and young adults, suffered unwitnessed acts of sexual abuse by an unknown employee or employees. The child has cerebral palsy and the cognitive functioning of a 3-year-old. On three occasions, the girl was found unattended in unusual places at the west suburban facility and under odd circumstances—such as on the floor of the dark basement laundry room without her wheelchair. However, the nursing home denied that these incidents occurred. During this child, the child allegedly displayed behavioral changes consistent with sexual abuse. This action, which sought compensation for the child’s emotional distress and PTSD, also faulted a gynecologist who examined the girl in January 2001 but allegedly failed to properly assess and diagnose sexual abuse. The nursing home contended that if any sexual abuse occurred, the plaintiff could not prove that it took place at the facility. The gynecologist denied that any medical evaluations showed sexual abuse. Both defendents attributed the behavioral changes to peri-pubertal development.

$713,602.00 Verdict - Automobile/Pedestrian Verdict

F 48 pedestrian was struck while walking westbound across Northbrook Court Mall Drive at the intersection with Lake Cook Road when she was struck by a northbound Lexus Suv at a low impact. The pedestrian struck her head and sustained a mild traumatic brain injury with resulting fatigue, emotional lability and chronic headaches.

$900,000.00 Settlement - Nursing Home Abuse Settlment

A female aide manhandled F-90 a nonambulatory nursing home resident with severe dementia while moving her from wheelchair to bed, causing severe bruising with internal bleeding. Pltf’s Coumadin was discontinued due to risk of bleeding to death and she developed blood clots causing pulmonary emobli and death 45 days later.

Hospital Negligence

Hemiparetic M-73 who was recovering from a stroke, aspirated AA battery into his right lung when he placed it between his lips while changing the batteries in his transistor radio. Despite x-ray showing battery in his lung, the treating physician believed it was outside plaintiff’s body. Plaintiff was not diagnosed until he underwent a CT scan a day later and the battery was removed via bronchoscopy on the third day. After this incident, plaintiff’s preexisting pulmonary problems worsened and he died 2 months later.

$4.52 Million Verdict - Misdiagnosed Breast Cancer Verdict

F-38 upper gastrointestinal histopathological slides were misinterpreted at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital resulting in plaintiff’s stomach cancer not being properly diagnosed until 16 months later. The original slides showed Stage I adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer) and when the slides were properly diagnosed plaintiff was stage III. As a result, plaintiff was at a 56% chance of recurrence although at trial plaintiff still had not had a recurrence.

$1.96 Million Settlement - Trucking Settlement

Defendant’s dump truck ran a red light at Route 72 at Randall Road, Elgin and struck M-39 northbound vehicle, killing him instantly.

$2.7 Million Settlement - Construction Settlement

A 51 year old excavator was buried alive and died when the dirt mound he was working on collapsed. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant construction manager controlled the manner of work because they required scrapers to haul dirt rather than bulldozers which caused the dirt mound to be unstable.

$1.275 Million Settlement - Product Liability Settlement

M-57 , a taperer, was using a building’s manlift but incorrectly installed the outriggers so that when the lift reach 30 feet, the lift collapsed. Plaintiff was not provided with the instruction booklet and the outrigger system for the lift was confusing and not safe.

$3.8 Million Verdict - Construction Verdict

An electrician was hit with ten foot long cement hose that was dropped from a third floor building. The hose struck plaintiff on the right shoulder which resulted in right shoulder impingement and a torn labrum. Plaintiff later developed lateral epicondylitis and ulnar neuritis of the right elbow. This award was the highest Illinois verdict for an adult shoulder injury.

$3.1 Million Settlement - Brain Aneurysm Misdiagnosed

Defendant neurosurgeon misdiagnosed 36 year old plaintiff’s complaints of headache and spinal pain as the flu and failed to order a CT scan and lumbar puncture. As a result, plaintiff suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm with brain damage injuries three weeks later.

$771,022.00 Verdict - Construction Verdict

Plaintiff, a 38 year old carpenter, was hit in the knee with a load of trusses by a crane operator and sustained a torn meniscus requiring two arthroscopic procedures.

$1.6 Million Settlement - Spinal Procedure Settlement

F-43 maintenance worker underwent an anterior cervical discectomy/fusion with hardware at C5-C6 at Edward Hospital. The surgeon negligently inserted the screws through the vertebra into the lower disc space, causing disc disruption and collapse, radiculopathy and chronic pain.

$5.6 Million Settlement - Street Hazard Settlement

M-18 had been rendered a C6-C7 quadriplegic for 2 1/2 years before he died when the vehicle he was a passenger in struck a dumpster that had been left in a traffic lane near 79th and Greenwood in Chicago.

$5.46 Million Verdict - Spinal Procedure Verdict

M-38 truck driver underwent a spinal surgery at Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet. However the surgeon improperly operated to the wrong intervertebral disk level, failed to properly disclose the mistake to the patient for a period of time, and which required the plaintiff to then undergo another spine procedure. This was the highest verdict reported for an incorrect disc excision. (2d chair).

$2.44 Million Verdict - Spinal Procedure Verdict

F-47 postal worker underwent a spinal surgery at Michael Reese Hospital. However, the doctor operated at two incorrect intervertebral disk levels. The plaintiff was required to undergo another spinal surgery which resulted in 4 disk spaces being fused. This at the time was the highest verdict for an incorrect disc excision. (2d chair).

$2.5 Million Settlement - Teen Killed by Police Car Pursuing Speeder

A teenage boy was killed when he tried to make a left-hand turn in front of an unmarked police car. The officer was speeding without lights or sirens activated while trying to catch another driver observed traveling over the speed limit. The law enforcement agency investigating the collision determined that the teen failed to stop at a stop sign and was traveling at a high rate of speed when he entered the intersection. However, Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC was able to utilize the vehicle's event data recorder and eye witness testimony to show that the police's accident reconstruction was incorrect, that the teen properly entered the intersection at a normal speed, and the teen had no opportunity to avoid the speeding officer.

$1.58 Million Verdict - Ironworker Injured in Fall

Partners John F. Winters, Jr. and Daniel E. O'Brien obtained a verdict from a Cook County jury on behalf of an ironworker injured while working on the "Revive Wacker Drive" construction project. The Plaintiff was forced to walk on rebar while carrying a heavy load of construction materials because the general contractor failed to keep the walkways on the site free of obstructions. The rebar was also slippery due to the contractor spraying water in the area, causing the Plaintiff to slip and fall injury to his knee and shoulder. This case, where the verdict was reduced to $788,297 due to contributory negligence, is one of the many cases where Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC represents ironworkers and other construction workers injured on the job.

$550,000 - Pedestrian Struck by Police Cruiser

Partner Timothy M. Richardson and Associate Elizabeth Pudenz obtained a settlement on behalf of a Plaintiff who was crossing a downtown street when he was struck by a police cruiser. Our attorneys were able to show that a medical condition of the police officer caused him to lose control of his vehicle. The Plaintiff suffered an injury to the vestibular nerve (inner ear) resulting in episodic dizziness, plus the aggravation of pre-existing migraine headaches.

$125,000 - Scooter Rider Injured By Taxi

Daniel E. O'Brien achieved a successful settlement for a gentleman injured while traveling on Wells Street in the City of Chicago. The man was struck by a taxi cab while riding a scooter on the city's North Side. He suffered a fractured collar bone and ligament tears in his knee. Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC draws upon its decades of experience in representing its many motorists, bicyclists, and other clients injured in traffic accidents.

$1.3 Million - Police Misconduct/Civil Rights Violation

Partner John F. Winters, Jr. secured a settlement on behalf of the family of a young man that passed away when police officers tased him and then refused required medical care. The man was taken into custody under suspicion of engaging in a narcotics transaction and later found unresponsive in the back of the police vehicle following the tasing. Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC utilized the police department's own patrol unit cameras and station house surveillance videos to display the department's misconduct and failure to abide by its own policies and procedures.

$2.5 Million - Failure to Diagnose Cancer

The settlement in a medical malpractice case was obtained after physicians failed to properly identify and treat liver abnormalities, which eventually developed into cancer. The Plaintiff went to the hospital with chest pain and radiographic tests were performed to determine its source. However, the physician ordering the exams and the radiologist failed to communicate when abnormalities were seen on the patient's liver. Accordingly, the Plaintiff was never informed of his condition and was not diagnosed with liver cancer until almost three years later. Attorney Daniel E. O'Brien fought on behalf of the Plaintiff and his family.

$387,213.15 - DuPage County Verdict for Baby's Death at Day Care

A jury in DuPage County found in favor of a couple whose young child tragically passed away at an in-home day care center. The verdict obtained by attorney John F. Winters, Jr. was achieved despite a finding by the DuPage County Coroner's Office that the child's death was a result of SIDS and therefore unable to be explained. Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC displayed to the jury, partly through pathology evidence, that the baby's death resulted from suffocation caused by being placed in an unsafe sleeping environment consisting of toys, dolls, blankets, and loose bedding. It is believed that this is the first case in Illinois where a coroner’s determination of SIDS has been disagreed with by a jury in a civil trial.

$4.6 Million - Record Verdict for Wrongful Burial of Infant's Remains

A Cook County jury awarded a young mother $4.6 million after a local hospital permitted the burial of her deceased infant without the mother's consent. The baby tragically died in the hospital approximately 30 days after birth. The mother's request for an autopsy was ignored and her child was buried in an unmarked cemetery plot. This is the largest-ever verdict in Illinois for the wrongful disposition of a next of kin's remains. This verdict broke the previous record verdict in Illinois for this type of case, which was also achieved by Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC.

$3.32 Million - Construction Site Fall From Height

This was a jury verdict on behalf of the family of a construction worker who died as a result of a fall from a residential construction site. The worker was forced to perform his construction duties near an unprotected edge on the third story of the building because his workspace was impeded by improperly located and unnecessary scaffolding. Paul L. Salzetta tried this matter before a Cook County jury and explained that the general contractor failed to initiate and maintain a safety program, failed to appoint a qualified safety manager to the site, and failed to prevent or eliminate fall hazards created by the unnecessary placement of scaffolding near the unprotected edges of the building. Prior to the beginning of trial, the Plaintiff also settled with a sub-contractor for $37,500.00. The verdict was upheld by the Illinois Appellate Court.

$2.387 Million - Medical Malpractice

Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC obtained a jury verdict on behalf of a young woman who suffered infertility as a result of medical negligence. During the course of her pregnancy, the young lady tragically suffered a miscarriage. The defendant doctor failed to remove the products of conception following the miscarriage and as a result one of the Plaintiff's fallopian tubes needed to be partially removed, rendering her unable to have children in the future.

$2.75 Million - Prenatal Death Settlement

We settled a personal injury case on behalf of a 29-year-old woman whose child was stillborn when a nurse failed to appropriately read the fetal monitor and summon a doctor’s assistance when the monitor indicated that the baby was in distress. As a result of the nurse’s negligence, the baby died in the mother’s abdomen before being delivered. This is one of the largest settlements for this type of injury (prenatal death) recorded in Cook County.

$35.836 Million - Quadriplegia From Automobile Accident

This jury verdict (reduced to $26,875,000.00 for 25% contributory negligence) was ruled in favor of a 51-year-old mother of two who sustained severe brain stem injury causing quadriplegia and cranial nerve injuries when she was broadsided by a Cook County Sheriff’s Police officer traveling through a red light at approximately 70 miles per hour while en route to a low-priority ‘unwanted subject’ call as un-requested backup unit. The Plaintiff was required to prove, and the jury found, that the officer’s conduct was willful and wanton. The Defendant's claimed that the officer was on an emergency call and was justified in her actions going through the intersection. The Plaintiff’s attorney Paul Salzetta was able to exclude evidence of alcohol due to unreliable testing and a showing that the client was not impaired and that alcohol played no part in the collision. This is one of the largest jury verdicts ever obtained against Cook County or any municipality in the State of Illinois.

$757,867.00 - Kane County Motorcycle Accident

This Kane County verdict was obtained on behalf of the family of a motorcycle driver who died after crashing into a stopped vehicle. The two defendants stopped their vehicles in the middle of the road in order to talk with one another. After coming over a crest in the road, the motorcycle driver did not have time to stop his motorcycle or avoid the cars that were blocking the road.

$900,000.00 - Verdict for Death at VA Hospital

Our firm received a verdict in the United States District Court for the family of a military veteran who was refused treatment by the VA Hospital after the veteran informed the hospital that he suffered from suicidal thoughts. The veteran was a patient at the VA Hospital receiving treatment for substance abuse, major depression, and psychoses with thoughts of suicide. The treatment began after the veteran was honorably discharged from his service in the United States military, including active combat service. The hospital discharged the veteran with a supply of pills despite his insistence that he remained suicidal. The veteran tragically committed suicide in the lobby of the VA Hospital by consuming the pills provided to him by the hospital. The case was tried on behalf of the family in federal court by John F. Winters, Jr. and Bart J. Galvin.

$5 Million - CTA Bus Crash

This recovery was for 22-year-old who was broad-sided by a CTA bus as he was exiting a Jewel Supermarket parking lot. The Plaintiff suffered brain damage, causing spastic quadriplegia and cognitive deficits requiring life long care. Despite the defendant’s contentions that the plaintiff pulled out in front of the bus from a private drive, reconstruction evidence showed that our client was not entirely at fault.

$1.25 Million - Failure to Diagnose Infection

Paul L. Salzetta achieved a verdict in a Cook County medical malpractice case on behalf of the family of a man who passed away following a doctor's failure to diagnose a spinal infection.

$1.5 Million - Steel Worker Injured on the Job

This recovery from general contractor was for a 49-year-old steel construction worker who fell from an unsecured ladder injuring his right ankle prohibiting him from engaging in his trade. The general contractor claimed it lacked notice of the condition but investigation and discovery established that the defendant had enough knowledge of the work site so that it should have been known of the dangerous condition.

$1.3 Million - Construction Accident

This case was on behalf of an electrician who fell 40 feet from an elevated platform suffering multiple fractures to both legs. The general contractor contended that the plaintiff was responsible for his own injuries in failing to secure his safety harness. Despite having no recall of the fall and no eyewitnesses, we were able to reconstruct events to show that the plaintiff was likely transitioning between tie-offs requiring him to detach his harness at the moment he fell.

$2 Million - Rear-Ended on Kennedy Expressway

We obtained recovery on behalf of a husband and two children for a woman rear-ended and killed on the Kennedy Expressway.

$610,657 - Jury Verdict for Slip and Fall on Ice

A Plaintiff slipped and fell on an ice-covered threshold step leading to the stairwell of her apartment complex. She suffered a lubmosacral strain, bulging disc, Chronic Pain Syndrome, and aggravation of degenerative disc disease. Attorney John F. Winters, Jr. showed the jury via expert testimony that the ice was an unnatural accumulation caused by defective placement of a downspout, which created an ice dam and distributed water on the sidewalk before freezing, and that the sidewalk slope and sun angle created a shadow line which hid the icy condition.

$900,000.00 - Medical Negligence

This recovery was for a woman who suffered damage to her esophagus due to medical negligence caused by physicians performing sclerol therapy. Long-term endotracheal tube caused scarring and a hoarse voice.

$1 Million - Wrongful Death Due to Truck Debris

We received this recovery on behalf of the wife of a young man killed instantly when his vehicle ran off the road on I-88. Motorists reported seeing a blue plastic crate ahead of the deceased causing him to veer off the road and hit a light pole. Investigation revealed the defendant/manufacturer of the crate and the defendant/transporter. Witness testimony and reconstruction of the evidence established that the crate carrier was on the same road shortly before the occurrence and likely dropped a crate from it’s load onto the roadway leading to the crash.

$400,000.00 - Medical Malpractice Anesthesiologist

This medical negligence injury was to a retired gentleman who was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for lumbar surgery. The Anesthesiologist, however, carelessly performed placement of the endotracheal tube causing partial damage to one of his cords and temporarily induced coma necessitating several months of rehabilitation.

$875,000.00 - Trucking Accident

A wrongful death recovery went to a family (parents and two brothers) of a 22-year-old young man who turned left at the end of a green arrow traffic light and was struck by a truck entering the controlled intersection on a red light. Accident reconstruction established that though the deceased was turning left, the defendant's (trucker) light had just turned red and he did not slow down or stop.

$900,00.00 - Product Liability Against Tire Manufacturer

This settlement against car wheel manufacturer Budd Company was on behalf of the family of a 17-yea-old boy killed at an automobile service station by a tire that exploded while he was inflating it following a repair. In a lawsuit against Budd Company, and tire manufacturer Uniroyal/Goodrich Tire Company, Mr. Salzetta established that the wheel company began manufacturing and selling wheels one-half inch greater in diameter, 16.5 inches rather than previously marketed 16.0-inch wheels to the same market consumers but without adequate notice or information. The inadvertent use of the larger tire caused the tire to explode upon its inflation.

In a subsequent trial against the tire manufacturer only, the jury found against the defendant. Although the verdict did not exceed the original settlement, it was only one of several favorable verdicts ever reached nationwide in a wheel/tire mismatch trial against the tire manufacturer.

$172,500.00 - Faulty Product Installation

Our firm won a federal trial verdict against Firestone on behalf of a man who injured three fingers while attempting to reinstall a wheel that had fallen off his vehicle while driving. Expert metallurgical analysis proved that mechanics at a Firestone Auto Service Center failed to tighten all the lug nuts on the wheel following new tire installation.

$800,000.00 - Trucker Rear-ended at Tollway Oasis

We won a recovery on behalf of a trucker rear-ended at the O’Hare Tollway Oasis. The impact damaged his left knee and he suffered chronic lumbar muscle damage.

$108,000.00 - Sexual Discrimination

A female sexual discrimination won a trial against trucking giant, Yellow Freight Systems, for failure to hire a woman trucker. Yellow Freight appealed the verdict to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and again the United States Supreme Court. All Courts affirmed the plaintiff’s verdict.

$3.25 Million - Commercial Fraud Litigation

This commercial litigation settlement was on behalf of a seller of a business against the buyer who reneged on the purchase price alleging seller fraud. Document investigation and discovery, including Business Valuation experts, established that the seller sold valuable goods and inventory and that the purchaser was attempting to raid the business and force the seller to accept a lower offer.

$4.6 Million - Faulty Auto Repair Work Resulting in Burns

Our firm co-chaired a trial counsel in a jury verdict against an automobile service center on behalf of a young man severely burned in a single vehicle collision in which his vehicle erupted into flames. Trial evidence showed that the defendant performed careless fuel line repairs causing the fuel line to leak after the impact resulting in the fire.

$3 Million - Police Pursuit Accident

This recovery was on behalf of a young woman whose right elbow was injured in an automobile collision. Her vehicle was struck at an intersection by an offender fleeing police during a pursuit. The recovery against the police authority was grounded on willful and wonton conduct for the manner in which it conducted the police pursuit, which endangered public safety.

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