Product Liability Case Results

$4.6 Million Verdict - Faulty Auto Repair Work Resulting in Burns

Our firm co-chaired a trial counsel in a jury verdict against an automobile service center on behalf of a young man who was severely burned in a single vehicle collision in which his vehicle erupted into flames. Trial evidence showed that the defendant performed careless fuel line repairs, causing the fuel line to leak after the impact and resulting in the fire.

$1.6 Million Settlement - Amputation Caused by Defective Punch Press

A 51-year-old woman was working on a 60-ton punch press that cycled without being activated when she was retrieving a finished product, crushing her right hand and requiring the amputation of three fingers. It was later discovered that a recall had been issued for the equipment three years prior to the incident, and the press contained defective components that caused it to fail.

$1.275 Million Settlement - Product Liability

A 57-year-old male, a taperer, was using a building’s man-lift but incorrectly installed the outriggers so that when the lift reached 30 feet, it collapsed. The plaintiff was not provided with the instruction booklet, and the outrigger system for the lift was confusing and not safe.

$1 Million Settlement - Bicycle Injury/Product Liability

A 28-year-old man was injured by a defective bicycle seat while riding his mountain bike on a trail. When the young man encountered rocky terrain, his feet slipped off the pedals, causing him to land on the bike seat. The seat snapped in half and cut into the man’s groin. Attorney Bart J. Galvin’s investigation revealed that the seat was defectively designed and manufactured in a way that permitted the seat to break under a rider’s body weight and to expose a sharp edge upon breaking. That sharp edge cut into the young man, causing internal injuries and requiring two surgeries. Attorney Galvin secured compensation for the young man without having to file a lawsuit.

$900,000 Settlement - Product Liability Against Tire Manufacturer

This settlement against car wheel manufacturer Budd Company was on behalf of the family of a 17-year-old boy who was killed at an automobile service station by a tire that exploded while he was inflating it following a repair. In a lawsuit against Budd Company and tire manufacturer Uniroyal/Goodrich Tire Company, Mr. Salzetta established that the wheel company began manufacturing and selling wheels one-half inch greater in diameter--16.5 inches rather than previously marketed 16.0 inches--to the same market consumers but without adequate notice or information. The inadvertent use of the larger tire caused the tire to explode upon its inflation. In a subsequent trial against the tire manufacturer only, the jury found against the defendant. Although the verdict did not exceed the original settlement, it was only one of several favorable verdicts ever reached nationwide in a wheel/tire mismatch trial against the tire manufacturer.

$172,500 Verdict - Faulty Product Installation

Our firm won a federal trial verdict against Firestone on behalf of a man who injured three fingers while attempting to reinstall a wheel that had fallen off his vehicle while driving. Expert metallurgical analysis proved that mechanics at a Firestone Auto Service Center failed to tighten all the lug nuts on the wheel following new tire installation.

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