WSOR Wins Appeal to Revive Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

September 26, 2023

Recently, Attorneys Daniel E. O'Brien and Bart J. Galvin successfully represented a client in a case heard by Illinois' 1st District Appellate Court. In this case, our client, Comprehensive Marketing, Inc., had filed a legal malpractice lawsuit against a law firm, claiming that the firm's attorneys engaged in fraudulent concealment. While the case had originally been dismissed after the defendant claimed that the statute of limitations had passed, the Appellate Court reversed this decision, allowing the lawsuit to move forward.

White Sox Spew Homophobia, But The Dying Chicago Media Won’t Say It

Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Chicago White Sox

Cook County - May 10, 2022

Former Head Trainer for the Chicago White Sox, Brian Ball, has filed suit against the organization and its General Manager, Frederick Hahn. In the lawsuit, Mr. Ball alleges he was unjustly terminated in October 2020, without explanation. After being pressured to sign a Separation Agreement, it was discovered that after 19 years' dedicated service to the White Sox organization, the motivation for the termination was based on his sexual orientation. The lawsuit alleges their conduct amounted to discrimination, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC is representing Brian Ball, the former Head Trainer of the Chicago White Sox, in a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Paul Salzetta Files Lawsuit on Behalf of 16-Year-Old Student Whose Hair Was Cut by School Employees

Cook County - March 8, 2022

Attorney Paul L. Salzetta is representing the family of a student who was subject to excessive and unfair treatment while attending a school program at David Speer Academy, a public school in Chicago. Isamar Padilla, a 16-year-old student, was attending an after-school ROTC program and exploring her interest in possible enlistment in the military after her graduation from high school. During the program, she was having difficulty maintaining her hair in a bun, the accepted hairstyle for the military. The instructor, Jose Nazario, complained that the Ms. Padilla's hairstyle was not in conformance to standards, and he threatened to cut her hair to a shorter length. Eventually, with the assistance of another employee, his daugher, Ariana Nazario, Mr. Nazario confined Ms. Padilla to a separate room and proceeded to sloppily cut her hair with scissors, even after she objected. Eight inches of hair were cut off, and while her hair had previously extended to her mid-torso, it was shortened to a length above her shoulders.

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