Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC Secures Wrongful Death Settlement Against CTA

Distracted Chicago Bus Driver Caused Death of 19-Month-Old

Chicago - April 30, 2018

The Chicago Transit Authority agreed on April 18 to compensate the family of Cherish Myers in the amount of $1.5 million as a result of the negligent operation of a CTA bus that led to the tragic death of 19-month-old Cherish on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.

Cherish was struck by the CTA No. 6 Jackson Park Express bus as she exited a driveway on the 7700 block of South Shore Drive. The CTA bus was traveling in a northbound direction along South Shore Drive with the bus operator testifying that it was a clear day and that she had an unobstructed view for one block away while she was scanning the area from sidewalk to sidewalk. Despite that testimony, the bus operator did no braking until .06 seconds prior to striking Cherish and did not do full-service braking, which would have stopped the bus at approximately 31 feet as opposed to the 60 plus feet it took the bus operator to bring the bus to a stop. In the five seconds prior to impact, a passenger crossed the yellow line and was paying her fair alongside the bus operator, causing the bus operator to be distracted.

United States Settles Medical Malpractice Claim with Vietnam Veteran for $12 Million

Chicago - December 2, 2013

This morning a Settlement Agreement in the amount of $12 million was finalized between the Estate of John I. Johnson, a disabled combat Vietnam Veteran and the United States, as representative of Hines V. A. Hospital.

John Johnson was a Vietnam Combat Veteran who served in the United States Army from 1970 – 1971. Like many of his fellow Vietnam Veterans, Mr. Johnson, upon deployment from his military service, experienced undiagnosed emotional problems which led to extensive periods of unemployment and homelessness throughout his lifetime. In recent years, John began to turn his life around to the point that he had an apartment, was seeking regular medical care at Hines V. A. Hospital and even had started a relationship with a female companion that he provided care and comfort to during her diagnoses of cancer and through his daily visits at the hospital up until the time of her death. John’s medical care at Hines V. A. Hospital included treatment for a serious heart condition that he had developed through his years of an unstable life style following his return from Vietnam. In addition to his cardiac condition, John developed multiple dental problems including periodontal disease that the dentist at Hines V. A. Hospital recommended treatment by removal of his teeth to be replaced with dentures.

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