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When you receive medical care from a clinic or hospital, you do so with the expectation that all reasonable measures are taken to ensure quality care. This is not always the case, however. Because of the growing number of retirees that need care, shortages of health care professionals and other factors, many facilities are understaffed and unable to provide the care patients deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of a health care provider, it is important to speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, so you understand your rights and options.

Since 1997, Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC has represented victims of medical malpractice in Chicago, throughout Illinois and across the nation. Our award-winning lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the complexities of such cases and what it takes to prove negligence on the part of a medical provider and/or facility. We work collaboratively on each case, putting our collective experience to work to explore every legal avenue to recovering full compensation. We provide personalized representation to our clients; our attorneys work directly on each case, and we stay in close contact with you, so you are always kept updated on the progress of your case.

We handle a wide range of medical malpractice cases, including but not limited to:

  • Anesthesia Errors: Even a small error administering anesthesia can result in permanent injury or even death.
  • Failure to Diagnose: Misdiagnoses, delays in diagnoses, and failure to diagnose serious conditions can cause deadly delays in treatment.
  • Infant Injuries and Death: Childbirth injuries that lead to permanent injury and death are often the result of medical negligence.
  • Medical Professional Liability: Negligence of doctors, paramedics, and other health care professionals is a common cause of medical injuries.
  • Reproductive Law: Injuries that lead to infertility, embryo mistransportation and other reproductive injuries are often caused by doctor or hospital negligence.

Contact Skilled Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Proving medical negligence can be difficult because doctors and medical facilities often try to shield themselves from blame. Our firm has built relationships with investigators and other medical professionals, and we leverage these relationships to perform thorough investigations to get to the bottom of what caused your injury. This puts us in a strong position to build a winning case and secure the just compensation you deserve. If you or someone close to you has been injured due to the negligence of a health care professional, contact our office today at 312-236-6324 for a free consultation.

From our offices in Chicago, we provide experienced counsel and representation for victims of medical malpractice in Cook County, Kane County, McHenry County, DuPage County, Springfield, the Quad Cities, and communities throughout Illinois and across the country.

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