Common Birth Injuries for Infants

 Posted on January 05, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Chicago birth injury lawyerPregnancy and childbirth are some of the most transformative experiences a woman may have, though improper medical care, malpractice, or negligence can destroy this experience. Birth injuries for infants may not appear immediately, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of a child’s injury. An Illinois birth injury lawyer can help you pursue your birth injury case against a medical professional to ensure you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

Are Birth Injuries Medical Malpractice?

Birth injuries for infants can be challenging to deal with, as they often lead to lifelong care, expensive medical costs, and extended trauma and stress for the child and their parents. Common birth injuries for infants include:

  • Paralysis, including facial or spinal paralysis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Bone fractures
  • Death or severe injuries that lead to wrongful death

These birth injuries may be caused by negligence or failure by a hospital and medical staff to deliver proper care. This can be considered medical malpractice, and it is important to prove that the staff or hospital’s actions directly caused a birth injury. A skilled birth injury attorney can help you with this process.

Can I Seek Compensation for My Infant’s Birth Injury?

You can seek compensation for your infant’s birth injury, but it is essential to remember that this process can be lengthy and stressful. In order to receive compensation, you will need to prove in court that medical malpractice or negligence on behalf of a hospital or medical professional directly led to the birth injury your child experienced.

If you want to pursue a birth injury case, make sure to collect all evidence for your case and take notes of all important events in your child’s care from the time of birth. Presenting this information to your lawyer will help get your case started.

Contact a Chicago, IL Birth Injury Lawyer

Dealing with an infant birth injury is incredibly stressful to parents, and the cost of medical care for your injured infant is often high. Suppose you suspect your infant’s birth injury was a result of improper medical care or negligence. In that case, contacting a skilled Chicago, IL birth injury attorney at Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC as soon as possible is important. We help you explore your options and work to ensure you receive the compensation you and your infant deserve. Call us at 312-236-6324 for a free consultation.

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