chicago wrongful death lawyerLosing a loved one is a tragedy, and when their death is due to the negligence or misconduct of another party, the emotional pain only intensifies. In Illinois, a wrongful death claim seeks to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and provide financial compensation for the surviving family members. This blog post will explore the importance of seeking justice for wrongful death victims in Illinois and how an experienced attorney can guide you through the complex legal process.

Illinois Wrongful Death Act

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act allows the deceased person’s personal representative, usually a family member or close friend, to file a claim on behalf of the family members. The law aims to compensate the spouse, children, or other next of kin for their emotional and financial losses resulting from the untimely death. Compensation can include loss of financial support, companionship, love, and guidance, among other damages.

Statute of Limitations

Being aware of the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims in Illinois is crucial. Generally, a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within two years of the date of death. However, there are exceptions to this rule, depending on the circumstances of the case. Missing the filing deadline can result in losing the right to seek compensation, so it is essential to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.


Chicago wrongful death attorneyThe death of a loved one is always a difficult time for family and friends. Unfortunately, when the death was caused by the negligence or misconduct of another person, it can be even more devastating. In these cases, families may have the right to seek justice through a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful Death Claims Explained

Wrongful death claims are civil lawsuits that allow surviving family members and dependents to recover compensation for their losses due to the death of their loved one. These claims are typically brought against individuals who knowingly or negligently caused the death of another person.

You may be able to file a wrongful death claim if your loved one was killed due to:


Chicago Wrongful Death LawyerThe loss of a loved one in an accident is always painfully difficult for surviving family members. Beyond the emotional grieving, it can be difficult to move forward when financial issues are impacting everyday life. The loss of income, hospital bills, funeral costs, and other expenses all contribute to the need for financial compensation. While more difficult to adequately quantify, compensation for the emotional impact of the loss can also be sought. Working with an experienced wrongful death attorney can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Potential Types of Wrongful Death Compensation

While wrongful death cases can be complicated, our law firm will learn the details of your case and pursue all potential damages. In wrongful death cases, you may be able to seek compensation for a wide range of losses. The first general category covers damages directly caused by the accident, including:

  • Medical expenses – This can include emergency medical bills, hospital bills, and other medical expenses incurred after the accident but before the deceased’s death.

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