Is Lack of Hygiene Considered Nursing Home Neglect?

 Posted on May 31, 2024 in Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect

Chicago nursing home neglect lawyerThough it is not commonly thought of as one of the most important things to health, personal hygiene for nursing home residents is essential to maintaining good physical and mental well-being. Many factors may contribute to nursing home staff neglecting the personal hygiene of residents and the hygiene throughout the facility, including improper hygiene procedures and negligent behavior by staff.

If you have noticed a lack of hygiene around your loved one’s nursing home facility, your family member may be suffering from neglect by nursing home staff. An experienced Illinois nursing home neglect attorney can answer your questions about what to do next.

Signs of Improper Nursing Home Hygiene

Lack of hygiene can be generally easy to notice in a nursing home facility, as you are likely to see dust, dirt, cluttered areas, and stained bedding around the facility. You may also notice stains in bathroom areas and dirty eating or living areas.

For residents, signs that indicate a lack of hygiene include:

  • Skin infections, itchy skin, or rashes

  • Bedsores

  • Unkempt appearances, including dirty nails and skin, dirty clothes, or greasy hair

  • Strong body odor, or the strong odor of urine or feces

  • Bad breath, missing teeth, or other signs of poor dental hygiene

  • Unchanged adult diapers

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act outlines personal hygiene as one of the basic human rights that residents are entitled to. This includes assistance with personal hygiene needs in a timely manner when staying in a nursing home facility.

Failure to provide proper hygienic care can result in serious illnesses, infections, a loss of dignity, and changes in mood, including sudden depressive and anxious moods.

Causes of Improper Nursing Home Hygiene

There are many reasons why a nursing home may fail to provide hygienic care to residents or to maintain hygienic living and eating areas. The most common causes of improper nursing home hygiene include:

  • High staff turnover, causing negligence or a lack of care

  • Understaffing, where nursing home staff cannot meet the needs of every resident

  • Improper hygiene procedures or a lack of hygiene procedures for the facility and residents

  • Improper training or supervision of nursing home staff and hygiene practices

Contact a Chicago, IL Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

When your loved one is in a nursing home facility, he or she deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in all areas, including matters of personal and living space hygiene. A lack of hygiene in a nursing home around the facility or for residents can indicate neglect, and you should contact a skilled Chicago, IL nursing home neglect attorney as soon as possible after noticing these warning signs.

Our attorneys at Winters Salzetta O'Brien & Richardson, LLC are highly experienced with nursing home law, and we strive to represent our clients with dedication and compassion as we pursue accountability in cases of nursing home neglect and abuse.

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