Six Distractions to Be Aware of in Distracted Driving Awareness Month

 Posted on April 27, 2022 in Car Accidents

Chicago Personal Injury LawyerLife is busy, complicated, and ever-changing. If they were honest, many people would admit to being distracted for a significant portion of their day. Whether it is a pinging cell phone, screaming toddler, or work responsibilities, most of us have too many things on our minds at any given moment.

Distractions like these may be little more than annoyances during daily activities. However, distractions can be much more dangerous when the distracted individual is driving. Operating a motor vehicle takes concentration, attention, and skill. Distracted drivers can make mistakes that cause severe car crashes. To bring awareness to the risks of distracted driving, the NHTSA has declared April Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Driver Distractions Come in Many Forms

Everyone knows that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous, and most states have established legislation prohibiting hand-held cell phone use behind the wheel. However, distracted driving does not only involve cell phones. Other forms of distracted driving that can lead to serious accidents include:

  • Passengers – Friends and family in the vehicle may not realize just how distracting their behavior is to the driver of the vehicle. Children, in particular, can be very distracting and may not be old enough to understand that their actions could increase the chances of a wreck.

  • Pets – Dogs, cats, and other pets can sometimes act unpredictably – especially if they are fearful of riding in a car. When transporting pets, always make sure the pet is secured in a travel crate or use a seatbelt designed for pets. Properly securing protects the animals as well as the humans in the vehicle.

  • Vehicle controls – Something as simple as turning down the air conditioning or changing radio stations can take a driver’s eyes off of the road, leading to injurious or deadly accidents.

  • Eating and drinking – As fast-food establishments increase in popularity, people are more tempted than ever to eat and drink while driving. However, eating while driving takes a driver’s hands off the wheel and attention off the road.

  • Grooming – Almost everyone has experienced the panic that comes with running late. Sometimes, people try to multitask behind the wheel by brushing their hair, putting on makeup, or even shaving while driving.

  • Daydreaming – A study conducted by Erie Insurance has found that the number one distraction behind the wheel is daydreaming. When a driver is lost in thoughts, he or she is not paying full attention to the act of driving.

  • Reaching for dropped objects – The National Institutes of Health found that reaching in the vehicle for a fallen object while driving increases a teenager’s risk of an accident by a factor of seven.

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